So Anuna
The Hugot Travel Journal 2019

A must-have for every traveler, naniniwala man sa forever, o hindi.
A must-bring to every travel, drawing man o kukulayan pa lang.
2019's only hugot travel journal.

Our Story

This passion project is a brainchild out of two things everyone can relate with: hugot and travel. What began as a viral concept and grew with hard work is now the So Anuna - The Hugot Travel Journal 2019.


Last Day of 2015

Before the year 2015 ended, Jonas posted an album of a fictional travel journal on his Facebook page, the Wandering Weekend Warrior. The said update contains of what would be the content of a hugot travel journal. The said post went viral as the New Year 2016 started.

October 2016

Year 2016 was already coming to close that time. To ride on the hype, Jonas posted mockups of "So Ano Na 2017: Kulayan Natin Ang Mga Drawing Na Lakad Travel Journal" on his Facebook page. The post trended online and the public clamor for the release of the actual planners grew.

Summer Season of 2017

Kenneth and Jonas were introduced to each other through a mutual friend in a videoke session. Kenneth is already selling his own brand of journals well while Jonas was waiting for another sign to push for the journal. The idea of collaboration sparked.

Pa-fall Season of 2017

After some staycations and photowalks together, Jonas invited his photography buddies to contribute to the passion project. Renzo, Kir, and Lucky joined the team. Arby, also a longtime friend, is a welcome addition. We become each other's photographer and model.

Last Quarter of 2017

From a crowdsourced search for a calligraphy artist in Facebook, Denise was tagged by another mutual friend. She became the latest member of the team. The hugot travel journal was finally materialized.

December 26, 2017

We delivered the last item in our inventory. KNDL Travel Journal 2018 is sold out.

October 14, 2018

The pre-ordering of So Anuna - The Hugot Travel Journal 2019 has started.

The 2019 Team

A collaboration of dreamers and doers who wish to contribute something
to the world, to the universe rather.

Val Christian Andag
Contributing Photographer
Rodrigo Acuzar
Contributing Photographer
Paolo Bernardo
Contributing Photographer
Monde Mendez
Contributing Photographer
Kirk Del Rosario
Kirk Del Rosario
Contributing Photographer
Jernel PateƱa
Contributing Photographer
Elei Mathew Tatad
Contributing Photographer
Christian Padua
Contributing Photographer
Al Amin
Contributing Photographer
Adrian Samiro See
Contributing Photographer
Kir Ubungen
Contributing Photographer
John Renzo Aledia
Contributing Photographer
Jonas Roque
Content Creator