What's Inside?

Content is our strongest selling proposition. With 208 awesome pages of original works, be it a travel hack, a photograph or a hugot, KNDL Travel Journal 2018 delivers like no other.

365 Hugot and Relatable Posts

One travel hugot a day keeps the boredom away. Reading a relatable quote will bring out your inner wanderlust. Or maybe one quote may trigger your feelings back.

#WalangPasok at #WalangKayo

A page containing a list of the official Philippine holidays, how to file leaves at minimum but maximizing the long weekends, and few of the Philippine festivals and random international celebrations.

Mark Your Map & Make A Mark

Kulayan ang mga drawing. Shade which provinces in the Philippines you've already been to. Go out, travel around the country, mark your own map and leave your own mark for the rest to remember.

How To Instagram With Feelings

A photography hack on how to become a pro photographer by achieving serious travel feed goals. With feelings.

143 Hanashtags for Philippine Travel

A long list of suggested social media hashtags for various Philippine locations and tourist spots. It's more fun and pun in the Philippines.

Saan Aabot Ang PhP 28 Mo?

A hypothetical question on how you would travel the Philippines in 7 days given fictional costs to each of the featured local destinations and activities.

Pack Ganern

No need to worry about forgetting what to bring for your new adventures as we write down a comprehensive one-page list of all essentials and accessories you should pack in your bag.

Monthly Expense and Habit Trackers

Inspired by common features of a bullet journal, a list tracker of expenses and periodic progress checkers are included in every monthly page.

Quarter Checks

Seasonal status checkpoints on how things are doing so far: your drawing plans with the barkada, your unsaid feelings to your travel buddy, and your bank account credits or the lack thereof.

Free Coupons

The best things in life are free, aren't they? So you want discounts on prepaid baggage allowance? Or free cups of your favorite coffee? Exchange these coupons valid all-year round.

18 x 18 by 2018

18 must-do activities and must-visit destinations in each of the 18* regions of the country to re-discover the beautiful Philippines on a high-tide or low-tide.

New Travel Vocabulary

Expand your vocabulary and learn new meanings of every travel related word featured for the month. Each word is hand-drawn as a calligraphy work over an image.